26May / 2013

Old country buffet prices for dinner

Hey everyone just wanted to update the blog I’ve been hunting around for a new coupon to no avail. Seems Barns and Noble hasn’t come out with a discount for some time now. That being said there are still a bunch of good ways to save money on the new Nook ebook reader. Check out my other post for more details or Old country buffet prices.

I’ve found another good site to purchase a Nook from, they offer free shipping any where in North America, which is a nice bonus. I ordered a few ebook readers from them for review purposes and they were really great. My order was shipped and delivered within a week. To visit the site just click here and be sure to post comments on the blog if you find any other good sites or Nook discounts and Nook Coupon Codes and Old country buffet prices for dinner.

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